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Discover the mysteries of pure nature, discover the Danube Delta.

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We organize boat trips in the Danube Delta 


If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of big cities or you simply want a break from the daily routine, we can tell you that YES, you have chosen the ideal place to spend wonderful moments in the middle of nature. 

You can disconnect from the everyday life on a boat trip on the lakes and canals of this special area that will surely seduce you from the very first moment.

During the trip you can watch different species of birds , you can do fishing directly from the boat and last but not least you can immortalize on your camera unique images, unique memories. 

The boat's skipper, 'El Comandante', is a good connoisseur of the area and proud of his experience as a guide in the Danube Delta.  Thus,  the trip will be seasoned with various stories and explanations about the places you will visit, a pleasant foray into the genesis of the Delta, its flora and fauna.

You can find more details about the proposed routes in the dedicated section of our website - "DESTINATIONS".

Departures are from Mahmudia, on the St. Gheorghe branch, one of the best points of direct access to the Danube Delta. 

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Our Fleet

Details about our boats / vessels


We have 2 boats:


Boat 1 - CORSAR

This is a boat equipped with a sunshade, comfortable benches and with Yamaha 60CP engine. Due to its larger size it is mainly intended for groups of 3-10 people.

Boat 2 - LOTUS

This is a smaller boat equipped with Suzuki 15CP engine, mainly for groups of 2-4 people.

The Lotus boat, due to its small size, is also very suitable for fishing parties, allowing access to the narrow canals and the hidden jaws of the Danube Delta.