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In order to avoid any possible unpleasant events during boat trips, all passengers on board must comply and know some rules of preventive conduct:

  - All passengers on board must comply with the instructions given by the skipper , in order to ensure a safe navigation and order on board

  - It is forbidden to stick out objects from the sides of the boat that could represent a danger to the safety of the boat and passengers

  - It is forbidden to throw, spill, drop or leak objects or substances into the waterway.

  - Light objects that could be carried away by the wind should be secured and covered

  - It is forbidden to stand up throughout the voyage without the skipper permission

  - Life jackets must be worn throughout the journey.


For each type of service there is a maximum capacity allowed on board, i.e. people + baggages.

This maximum capacity must be respected as it contributes to safe navigation. The skipper shall communicate the maximum load capacity of the vessels.


Reservations for any of the transport services must be made at least 3 days before the date you intend to be on the water. In this way we will be able to meet our commitments to our clients.


Reservations can be cancelled at least 24 hours before the scheduled time of booking.


Children under the age of 6 are free of charge.


The rules of access and tourism in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve can be found at


We consider important to know these rules before visiting the Danube Delta. In this way you will avoid possible inconveniences (e.g. fine for not presenting the access permit in the reserve) and you will contribute to sustainable tourism in the Danube Delta.


The permit access to the Danube Delta is compulsory and is not included in the price of the trip.

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