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About us

Here is our story: how did we start?


Out of passion for nature, for water and for the beautiful wild landscapes found in the Danube Delta, we have become over time good connoisseurs of the Danube waters, of all canals and lakes that belong to this Paradise.

And wishing to combine our passion with practicality, we started to share the knowledge we have acquired about these wonderful places with the people who come to the Danube Delta for fishing or to spend a weekend in the middle of nature with family and/or friends, far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

So we started in the summer of 2008 to transport tourists from Mahmudia area to the places where they wanted to set up their tents, to accompany them and guide them through this universe of Danube fauna and flora. And because the tourists come for fishing we also bought a sonar, a device that obviously helps us in finding the perfect place for fishing.

This is how this website was born, where our clients can find information about our services, consult the price rates and express their opinions, impressions or make suggestions about the services we offer (under the heading "BLOG").​

Who are we?


El Comandante - former military sailor, now retired and passionate, ready anytime to offer you an unforgettable experience through the world of waters...

Fane - engineer son-in-law, passionate about everything related to the Danube Delta (fishing included) + administrator of this website.


What boats/ vessels are we using for our trips?


We have 2 fiberglass boats:

The first boat, model Corsar 630, is 6.30 m long and 1.8 m wide. The boat is equipped with a sunshade and has comfortable benches. It is equipped with an Yamaha petrol engine, a four-stroke engine with a power of 60 HP, which provides the necessary traction for safe and comfortable transport.

The boat is very stable and provides all the comfort needed for the trips on the branches and channels of the Danube Delta.

It is equipped with life jackets (for maximum safety), a sun shade/ parasol, backrest seats and a high-performance sonar (to read the water temperature, water depth, underwater structures and of course to track fish). There are fishing rods and spears for fun fishing or raptors , and binoculars to follow the different species of birds that have chosen the Danube Delta as their habitat.

The second boat, model Lotus 480, is 4.80 m long and is equipped with a Suzuki gasoline engine, a four-stroke engine with a power of 15 HP, which provides the necessary traction for a safe and comfortable transport. The Lotus boat, due to its small size, is also very suitable for fishing parties, allowing access to narrow canals and other hidden jaws of the Danube Delta.

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